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  1. Hi Attilla

    I was wondering if a copy of the pencil drawing of the common buzzard was available to purchase?

    Could you email me?


  2. Kedves Attila!
    Érdeklődni szeretnék, hogy lehet-e a madaras színezős könyvből rendelni?

  3. Hi Matthew!

    This is depend on the customer requests. I have both of orders.
    Digital illustrations can be extremely detailed but are more time consuming.
    Traditional illustrations has more artistic value.


  4. Dear Attila,
    I find your work very inspiring and the amount of detail in your work is amazing. I wanted to ask your opinion on the subject of digital wildlife illustrations. Do you think that digital illustrations are becoming more popular than traditional illustrations? Or does it just depend on what the customer requests and the time frame they need the image completed by? I would love your personal opinion and views on this matter. It would be a great help to me understanding how things work within this industry.

    Many thanks,
    Matthew lissimore

  5. Dear Attila,
    Can you sent me a higher resolution jpeg of the drawing of the branch of the malus sylvestris. I’d like to use it for birthcard of a new born Silvester.
    Best regards,

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