Digital painting of Green Woodpecker

I’m making couple of  new Informational boards with common  and Natura 2000 birds  of Romania. I’m finished with a Green Woodpecker (Picus viridis).

This time I choice the digital painting technics to draw the birds. Painting birds in Photoshop I have the power to achieve a high detail level and a photo realistic image.

I illustrated a male Green Woodpecker (Picus viridis) feeding on the ground with ants.

The painting dimension: 25×19 cm at 300 dpi.

One thought on “Digital painting of Green Woodpecker

  1. Dear Attila,

    I admire your work!
    I live in South Africa and am busy getting ready the South African version of my children’s book, Zauberer Zettelwitz, which also shows local plants and birds. I have Jill Adams’ permission to use her bird illustrations, which appeared in Richard Liversidge’s book, The Birds around us.
    I was going to use the paintings of 19th century illustrators (Wright, John Gould, Naumann) for my European version, but I wonder now whether you agree to let me use your lovely birds.
    This could be to our mutual advantage:)
    See Zettelwitz online at

    Kind regards

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