Information board for Natura 2000 site


I have finished two new information board. The board dimension are 1,6 x 1 m. The photos and the panel background was made in Photoshop than transfered in Corel to overlay the text. Was printed at high resolution inkjet printer.


The informational boards was part of the project “Popularization of the Elesteele Iernut Cipau Natura 2000 site and preparation of its managemnt plan involving local stakeholders” financed by the Environmental Partnership Foundation and MOL Romania and coordinated by Milvus Group.

Brown bear informational sign


My next work is a Brown bear (Ursus arctos) informational sign, exhibited in the local zoo near the bears cage.  The informational board was funded by The Embassy of The Kingdom of the Netherlands, Alertis, fund for bear and nature conservation and Frankfurt Zoological Society.

We planed to complete the board with bear footprint and jaws made from epoxy resin. Here are the mold-making process ant the frame installing pictures.

Zoo info board making
From Zoo info board

The inauguration of the info board will be at 2009 nov. 28.

Eurasian lynx resting on branch

One of my friends asked me to paint an Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx) for him.  I started my work sketching the animal to get familiar with the lynx anatomy. Here are a couple of the sketches.


Used a large format (56×38 cm) heavy grain 300gsm Water Colour paper. This was my first big format watercolour  painting.

The first lines.


Started with the lynx head and eyes.


Painting the fur of the lynx hair by hair.


Shadows of the body.


Next step the branch.


I was uncertain about the background colors, first I used a light Yellow Ocher and  Raw Umber mixture.


I was dissatisfied with background so I decided to use a dark Burnt Umber mixed with Black to to emphasize the Lynx. I spent a lot of time painting the details of the branch bark.


I made some little improvements to the eye and the fur of the animal. Here is the final painting!


Detail of the lynx head.


Here is the final framed work.

Picture 009